Revolutionize B2B Sales Engagement with Autopilot AI Outreach & Intent Data

Tired of a dwindling, unpredictable pipeline? Create a guaranteed, consistent, and scalable stream of opportunities by leveraging the unstoppable force of perfectly timed, cross-channel, targeted outreach. Of course, empowered by next level AI hyper-personalization and segmentation.

Feed your outbound system with precisely targeted, real-time intent data to create conversations with decision makers the minute the need is there. Whether it be hiring certain roles, fundraising success, organisation growth, or software purchase triggers.

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Harness the power of talented professionals wielding AI & automation on your behalf.

At Cognant AI, we're a group of experienced developers, strategic consultants, and creative thinkers, all united by a shared passion for artificial intelligence.

Our team continually pushes the boundaries of what's possible, creating bespoke AI solutions to address your unique challenges.

Our Proven Approach

Simplicity Meets Efficiency.

Supercharge your GTM today with the power of AI & Automation.

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Vision & Strategy

Start with a free consulting call to map out your business needs and explore potential fit. Here we will seek to understand your ideas and goals, and help to shape the perfect strategy for your business.

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2. Roadmap & Planning

Benefit from our experience with a clear, actionable plan that outlines the path to integrating our solutions into your business, helping to understand the value creation and cost savings to expect.

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3. Solution & Execution

Receive a bespoke proposal that details the AI tools and strategies designed to add exponential capability to your operations. Our primary focus is maximising the value added to your business.

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4. Seamless Growth & Refinement

We don't just launch; we work with you to refine and shape the long term outcome, support, and scale your solutions, ensuring ongoing success and adaptability in a dynamic market.


Don’t take our word for it.
See what our recent clients say.

“Don't miss this”

Cognant's AI outreach has not only amplified our market presence but also refined our engagement strategy, resulting in a remarkable uptick in qualified leads.

The hiring intent data means our sales team now engages with prospects when they're most receptive, cutting our sales cycle and boosting conversion rates. Not to mention highlighting what would otherwise have been missed opportunities.

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John Carter
Sales Director
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“True Experts in Automation”

Working with Cognant has helped transformed our outbound sales process. The automations work effectively in reducing our day to day workload and allow for far more efficient scale.

Our sales outreach and lead management is now smoothly automation, and we've noticed the AI chatbot lead to a boost in conversions & customer satisfaction.

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Will Lyons
Engineering VP

“A great experience from start to finish”

Partnering with Cognant has proven to be one of the best decisions we've made. Their AI automation solution has streamlined our lead nurturing process, leading to a substantial increase in conversion rates. We're more efficient and effective, thanks to the team at Cognant.

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Samantha Park
VP of Marketing

Let's get the ball rolling.

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Begin a conversation

The best time to level up your GTM strategy is today. Schedule a call or leave us a message with any questions we can help you with!

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